Why Our E-Cigarettes are the Best Vaporizers

Looking for the Best Vaporizer Available?

We are confident that we offer a range of the best quality, most practical electronic cigarette vaporizers available anywhere online. So what makes the best vaporizers?

If you are planning to switch from smoking cigarettes to try vaping for the first time, there are a few considerations to bear in mind before you commit to a device.

All e-cig devices work in basically the same way. They use a battery to heat e liquid that is held in either a cartridge (cartomizer) or a reservoir tank (e liquid/e juice) to create a nicotine vapour for inhalation.

Devices that look like tobacco cigarettes use cartridges and in the vast majority these are pre loaded, disposable cartridges that each manufacturer provides which only fit on their specific devices. This limits you as the user to the manufacturers range of flavours and strengths.

Additionally, cartridges can’t provide the consistency of vape that most smokers require because as the cartridge is used, the vape becomes weaker and weaker in strength. It is also difficult to determine when you are going to run out of steam so to speak because you can’t see the cartridge e liquid level.

Cartridges are nominally more expensive to buy as well, so savings are typically less than if you have a device that uses e liquid.

The device you choose will determine the freedom you have to choose your ideal flavour and strength of vape. Many vapers end up using a variety of different flavours to suit their mood, time of day etc so having the choice is an important consideration.

Cigarette shaped vaporizer devices also tend to be smaller (usually only a little bigger than a real cigarette, so they are limited by the size of battery that can be used. This can have serious limits on the time range that the device will work, meaning that you will be constantly in search of a power supply to recharge your device, especially if you are a medium to heavy smoker.

Many smokers switching for the first time don’t want to have to concern themselves with battery anxiety, they just want to get a healthier, consistent vape all day to ease their transition from smoker to vaper.

That is why we consider our vaporizers to be the best vaporizers on sale today.

Our electronic smoking devices offer the following;

  • A choice of 8 hr or 24 hr battery so you can travel light or easily last 24hrs. As a heavy smoker, I haven’t managed to deplete a 24 hr battery in less than 2 days so far, they just keep going!
  • An unlimited choice of tastes and flavours of e liquid that you can buy from any supplier you choose.
  • A consistent quality of vape. As long as you can see some e juice in the reservoir you will get a deliciously satisfying nicotine hit, the same as the first hit when the clearomiser tank was completely full.
  • The freedom to mix different tastes and strengths to make your own unique blend.
  • You will be able to see when you need to refill.
  • You can turn our batteries off to save accidental use in your pocket or bag and extend the battery life even further.
  • Good looking devices with a range of designer batteries, clearomizer coloured reservoirs and tips so you can personalise your device.
  • A large range of coloured pouches and lanyards to keep your vaporizer handy and ready for use.
  • Lowest cost vaping e liquid (you can even make your own to save even more money if required!)

Many smokers switching to a electronic device start by trying to mimic their smoking habit with a cigarette shaped device, using a tobacco flavoured vape. With our devices it is easier to move on to nicer, more palatable flavours. The only reason smokers ‘learn’ to enjoy a particular brand of cigarettes is to get a nicotine hit that is relatively familiar to them, but once they realise that nicotine doesn’t have to taste like an ashtray they move on to yummy, scrummy flavours instead! With a vaping device, you aren’t limited to a choice of ashtray flavours, but can get the same satisfying nicotine satisfaction with a much more appealing taste. Why have a traditional tobacco taste when you can satisfy your cravings with one of our huge range of delicious fruit tastes, or chocolate, coffee, caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, Dr Pepps, or Red Energy which tastes of guess what??

If you buy a cigarette shaped vaporizing device you will be limiting yourself with a short battery life, a limited choice of flavours and strengths of e liquid that you can’t blend, dilute or vary, and you will have to buy your cartridges from a limited range of suppliers for your device.

There is only one sensible choice if you want to own the best vaporizers available…. check out our range of unbeatable vaporizer starter kits

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