Stoptober 2017

It’s that time of year again when thousands of smokers in the UK quit tobacco for the month of October. Each year, large volumes of hardened smokers manage to free themselves from the shackles of smoking once and for all.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy because nicotine is an addictive drug. While there are many different ways to quit smoking from ‘cold turkey’ through hypnotherapy, accupuncture, books from the likes of Allen Carr, smoking cessation courses through the NHS, patches, gums, tablets, placebo’s and more, one of the most successful methods of quitting in recent years has been to use an electronic cigarette or vaporizer.

These electronic devices heat a glycol/nicotine liquid creating a steam that is inhaled. Because it doesn’t burn a leaf to create smoke the e cig’s steam contains none of the tar or carcinogens that cigarettes are known to produce.

These devices have advanced in the last few years, offering not only a massive variety of flavours and strengths of e-liquid, but more advanced devices that give flexible control over the strength of steam created through variable voltage and wattage.

Stoptober has never been easier than in 2014.

These devices vary is size, weight and convenience, from pocket size portable units to larger variable volts and watts desktop vaporizers. Much of the progress in technology has been driven by battery developments which allow ‘vapers’ the freedom to vape all day without suffering power failure.

Many governments are becoming concerned about the rise in popularity of e-cig devices because they are not only starting to lose out of significant tobacco tax revenues, but it is a subject of conjecture whether the devices are going to continue to be allowed to be used in public places, or become subject to the same regulation as tobacco products.

Initially the tobacco lobby gain a lead in the debate, but recently, medical authorities have begun to extol the virtues of smokers making the switch from tobacco smoking and that is becoming the overall number one goal to achieve for governments who’s aim is to reduce national smoking rates and improve health.

Many smokers making the switch start with a low cost starter kit so they can see for themselves if e-cigarettes are for them or not. In addition, the majority of vapers begin by trying to find an e liquid that replicates the taste of their favourite tobacco. It doesn’t tske long however for vapers to move towards one of the many fruit or speciality flavours available and get their nicotine hit from a palatable tasting vapour.

Once vapers realise that they can satisfy their nicotine requirements with a healthier vaporizer, they often upgrade their vaping equipment from a starter kit to a device with a large battery and more vapour control, letting them create their perfect vapour all day every day.

You can find a wide range of quality vaporizer starter kits, e cigarettes and high performance e cig mods and get next day delivery so you can get ready for Stoptober 2014 and become tobacco free the easy way.

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