Instructions for Using an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Instructions For Use

How to Use an E Cig Vaporizer

To use your cigarette vaporizer, please follow these instructions:

1. Charge up the battery.

2. Click button on battery 5 times quickly to turn on/off

3. To add e liquid of choice to reservoir, hold e cig at 45 degree angle and pour e liquid down the side of the central element. (you can mix flavours and strengths to suit your desired taste).

4. Press button and inhale.

5. If you hear a gurgle or bubble sound, then you have a little e liquid in the central tube. To fix this, just remove the battery and gently blow through mouthpiece onto a tissue.

6. Clearomiser reservoirs contain a heating element inside which do occasionally (eventually) fail, in much the same way as a light bulb element fails. Replacements are £4.99. Our heating elements have performed well in tests, outlasting most of our competitors, but we do recommend that you have a spare ready just in case.

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