E-Cigarettes V Vaporizers – Which is Best?

Electronic Cigarettes Versus Vaporizers

The first device introduced was the electronic cigarette, which was first created in China in 2003 by a pharmacist called Hon Lik following the death of his father from cancer. The popularity of e-cigarettes grew quickly throughout the world, with many different devices being sold. So, e-cigarettes v vaporizers, which is the most suitable for you?


Electronic cigarettes look similar to traditional cigarettes, with a white body which houses the battery and in many devices contains a glowing led on the end which lights when inhaled. These are often different colours, red, green, yellow, blue etc. On the end of the battery is the cartomiser. This cartomiser is the cartridge of nicotine. These are usually disposable and contain pre installed nicotine vapour.

e-cigarettes v vaporizers

E-cigarettes work by heating the cartomizer vapour when you inhale, releasing nicotine.


Vaporizers generally look less like cigarettes, and more like a pen. Vaporizers contain a large battery, with a reservoir tank above it and a mouth piece on the end. With a vaporizer, you add nicotine infused e-liquid to the reservoir , and by pressing a button on the side of the battery, the e-juice is then heated so it boils and the vapour is released.

e-cigarettes v vaporizers clearomizer tank

Vaporizers are designed to be an efficient, reliable and consistent nicotine delivery system. While they look less like e-cigarettes they offer more practicality due to their design.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes do look much more like a traditional cigarette, which for some people is important. Some e-cigarettes come with a re-charging ‘cigarette pack’ which houses two batteries, so you will always have a battery charged and ready to use. The cartomizers come in blister packs so they stay fresh and sealed for as long as possible.

The downside to e-cigarettes is the way the cartomizer stores the vapour. Inside the cartomizer the vapour is infused into a cotton wool type material which holds it. As you inhale, the vapor is extracted and so the strength lessens until the cartridge is used up. It can be difficult to tell exactly when the cartomizer is empty.

This is the biggest problem with the e-cigarette design, and results in an inconsistent delivery of nicotine….. usually when you need a decent hit!

Additionally, because electronic cigarettes tend to resemble real cigarettes more than vaporizers, they tend to be closer to a cigarette in size, which limits the battery life considerably, especially for heavier smokers.

With E cigarettes you are restricted to the strengths and flavours of cartomizer that your manufacturer sells. Most cartomizers only fit on the battery for your brand, so you can’t just buy the flavour you want when you want. For more information about the differences, see here

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaporizers

Vaporizers don’t look like cigarettes at all, they look more like a pen with a pipe mouthpiece on the end. They were originally designed to give electronic cigarette smokers a more satisfying experience by improving the nicotine delivery process, increasing battery life and offering far more choice of taste, flavour and e-liquid supply. You can buy e-liquid from any supplier and use in any vapouriser you have.

In a vaporizer, you add e-juice into the reservoir tank (Clearomizer) which is a see through section of the vaporizer. This lets you see how much E Liquid you have left. The other benefit is that the vaporizer delivers the same level of nicotine hit regardless of how full or empty the clearomiser tank is. This gives you consistency in nicotine hit which is the most important thing for many of our customers.

Because vaporizers are generally larger than e-cigarettes, the batteries are larger too, meaning that they last longer. We have an 8 hour and a 24 hour battery for ours which takes away battery anxiety for electronic cigarette users. The 24 hour battery seems to be lasting me several days at present, so recharging isn’t an issue.

E-liquid is also available in hundreds of different strengths and flavours, meaning that you can easily try new tastes, or use e-juice from different manufacturers if they have a flavour you want to try. This gives users much more choice and freedom to personalise their vaping experience. We have lots of different tobbaco tastes and strengths, as well as many different fruit flavours, menthol, mint, etc. The limitations are endless on potential flavours, so in time you will see increasing large selections on offer.

You can also easily mix different e-liquid flavours together to create your perfect blend. Cherry too sweet, tobacco to harsh? Mix the two and create your own cherry tobacco flavour…. simples!!

E-cigarettes v Vaporizers Summary

The choice you make really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. E-cigarettes are smaller and look more like cigarettes but have a limited vapour deliver consistency, a shorter battery life and a limitation on flavours for each manufacturer.

Vaporizers are larger, don’t look like cigarettes very much at all, but offer a much more consistent vapor deliver, a longer battery life and a much larger range of e-liquid choices for taste and flavour.

In answer to the question e-cigarettes v vaporizers? It’s a matter of personal preference. If you want your device to look like a cigarette then an e-cig is the device for you. If you are less concerned with how the device looks and instead want the wider choice of flavours, taste, longer battery life and consistent nicotine deliver then you should try a vaporiser. The e-cigarettes v vaporizers battle looks set to continue for years to come with personal preference the main decider. We have seen many e-cigarette owners come and try a one of our vaporizers as many are looking for a more consistent and reliable delivery method.

With prices starting from only £19.99 for our entry level starter kit, you can give Vaping a try for the equivalent cost of 3 packet of cigarettes.

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