Doctors Want To Ban Flavoured eLiquids!

Doctors Push To Ban ‘Sweet’ Flavoured eLiquids for Vaping

As if it’s not already hard enough to quit cigarettes, do gooder Doctors are pushing for flavoured eliquids used in e cigarettes and vaporizers to be banned because they encourage children to smoke.

If you are a hardened cigarette smoker and manage to make the switch to a vaporizing device instead, there are several advantages, firstly it is well documented that e cigs are not as harmful as smoking tobacco, but another significant advantage is that instead of opting for a ‘cigarette’ smoke taste, (and let’s face it, it’s where most of us start our vaping lives), we can choose from hundreds of more palatable flavours.

fruit blast flavour eliquid 10ml refill

Does this mean that we don’t still desire real strawberries and cream for pudding? or real fruits of the forest? no, not by a long shot…. some Doctors seem to think that vapers vape for the enjoyment of a fruit taste whereas, vapers themselves know that all the flavours actually do it make vaping a viable alternative to tobacco.

If we had to vape tobacco flavoured eliquid, how many ‘reformed’ tobacco smokers would ask themselves…. what’s the point of this? I may as well enjoy a cigarette rather than live with this??

You’ve successfully given up smoking tobacco……. now…. make sure you don’t get any pleasure from doing so!

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