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We supply the best quality e-cigarette vaporizers online. All of our products have been designed to give you the vapor performance that you need from an e cig. Our vaporizers give you a long battery life, a large choice of flavours and a visual indication of the e-liquid available. Traditional cigarette shaped and sized electronic cigarettes have two major drawbacks; a short battery life and no idea of the lifespan of your nicotine eliquid supply.

Our e cigarette vaporizers address both of these issues with a long battery life so you never get caught without power and a clearomizer reservoir so you can see the current e-liquid level of your ecig vaporizer.

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About E-Cigarettes Vaporizers

We have many people come to us who have tried traditional shaped e-cigarettes and have suffered the disappointment that many electronic cigarette users experience. If you want the best e-cig vaporizing smoking experience, try one of our vaporizer starter kits and see for yourself how vaping should be.

There are lots of cheap ecig alternatives to choose from online, but you will stand a good chance of wasting your money with many cheaper devices because the electronic cigarette you end up with won’t last as long or be as reliable as you need it to be. If you are fed up with a short battery life from your electronic cigarette and are looking for a vapourizer e-cigarette that actually delivers a good nicotine hit then try one of our vaporizers because you will instantly notice the difference.

Device History

It was back in 1963 when the first patent for a smokeless non-tobacco vapor cigarette was filed. The product was never manufactured, and can you imagine at the time how big the battery would have been?

In 2003 a chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created the first recognised e-cigarette after his father died from cancer. He wanted to create a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

In 2005 Ruyan (the chinese manufacturers – the name means ‘to resemble smoking’) began exporting e-cigarettes into the UK. In the same year, after heated debated in Parliment, MP’s decided that e-cig vaporizing devices shouldn’t be included in the smoking ban.

In 2007 sales begin in the USA.

In 2008 the WHO (World Health Organisation) ruled that ecigs cannot be considered as a smoking cessation aid. In the same year a study in New Zealand found that even though they found carcinogens and toxicants in e-cigarettes, they were well below harmful levels. The same study concluded that electronic vapor cigarettes are a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

2009 – The USA bans importation of e-cigarettes into the US stating that they are a drug device and therefore required preapproval and registration with the FDA.

In 2010 the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) gave their support for electronic cigarette sales to adults, but not to minors. The AAPHP also recommended that the FDA reclassify them as a ‘tobacco product’ rather than a ‘drug device’.  A comprehensive Boston University study found that e-cigarettes were much safer than tobacco based cigarettes. In the report, the level of carcinogens was found to be 1,000 times lower than conventional cigarettes.

2011 – The US Court of appeal on the D.C. circuit made the decision that electronic cigarettes are not drugs or devices unless they are marketed for theraputic purposes. The FDA authorise regulation of e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

E-Cigarette Safety

The lawmakers make it very difficult for anyone to claim that e-cigs are safe. We are happy to smoke them because all the evidence points to the fact that they are much safer than tobacco based smoking. Extensive testing has been carried out by Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand, who said in conclusion that e-cigs are…..

“…very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements we have applied.”

The Advantages of ‘Vaping’

There are several advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco products, ranging from financial to personal well-being.

Up to 1,000 x less carcinogens and chemicals present
No Cigarette smell
Can be used in many public, indoor locations
Significant cost savings
No impact on your surroundings.
No passive smoke produced
No more standing outside in the cold like a social pariah!
Huge variety of flavoured e-liquid to choose from

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* While the vast majority of public places are happy to allow vaping within ‘no smoking’ designated areas, there are a few exceptions such as Wetherspoons Public Houses, some airlines etc. Using a vaporizer has not been classified as ‘smoking’ so you are not breaking the law by using your device in no smoking areas. However, proprietors of public spaces do have the right to permit or exclude whatever practices they see fit.